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In the oil and gas industry, the real danger to workers is on the highway

By: Seth Bader, Esq. Although working “in the field” in the oil and gas industry is widely regarded as a hazardous occupation, the real danger to workers may [..]

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School Security After Newtown

By: Steven Di Joseph When referring to most small towns in America, you first need to identify the state and county they’re in before the average person has [..]

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FDA Caught Red-handed Spying on Its Employees

By Devon Reiff – ​ An investigation by the Food and Drug Administration of a number of its employees, characterized as an effort to quell their communication with [..]

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Zithromax: Another prescription drug that fails to justify its existence

By Steven Di Joseph – At one time, writing about a dangerous prescription drug was an infrequent occurrence. Today, however, it has become difficult to keep up with [..]

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Study Finds College Students Remarkably Incompetent

By Stef Morisi – Balancing a checkbook, comprehending newspaper articles, and calculating the cost of gas are just a few tasks that many college seniors cannot handle, according [..]

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Dirty Surgical Equipment Puts Patients at Risk for Infection and Other Potentially Serious Complications

By Justin DiJoseph – Did you ever think a hospital’s surgical team would use dirty equipment when operating on a patient? John Harrison didn’t think so. When he [..]

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The Risks of Cholesterol Drugs Vary As Widely As The Choices

By Steven Di Joseph – I – The Statins Although more people worldwide suffer from high cholesterol than ever before, the problem has reached epidemic proportions in the [..]

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Spring Cleaning: Which Meds Go, How To Dispose of Them, What to Restock & Safety Storage Tips

By Stef Morisi – How often should you clean out your medicine cabinet? Beth Israel Medical Center’s Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Dr. Elizabeth Palillo, says, “Once a year.” If [..]

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Research Focuses on the Dangers of “Third-Hand Smoke”

Contact with tobacco smoke residue can have harmful effects similar to that of first- and second-hand smoke By Marty Grossman – The health risks associated with smoking and [..]

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Does a Pharmacist’s Right to Conscientiously Object Put Patients at Risk?

Refusing to fill a prescription due to personal conflicts can become a slippery slope By Justin Di Joseph – Doctors are often called upon to treat violent criminals [..]

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