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Research Focuses on the Dangers of “Third-Hand Smoke”

Contact with tobacco smoke residue can have harmful effects similar to that of first- and second-hand smoke By Marty Grossman – The health risks associated with smoking and [..]

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Studies Show that there is Good Reason to be concerned About the Widespread Use of Phthalates

By Robert A. Cardali – There is currently a growing debate regarding the safety of a group of chemicals used in many personal care products and other consumer [..]

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When Incorrect Doses Of Over-The-Counter Cold Remedies Are Given, Infants Die

Other common drug-related errors also expose infants to potentially deadly results By Arnold DiJoseph – In the past several years, there has been an ever-increasing awareness of the [..]

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Studies Show Serious Risks Still Exist When Treating Children and Adolescents for Psychiatric Problems with Multiple Medications

By Robert A. Cardali – In medical terms, it’s called “polypharmacy” or “concomitant psychotropic medication.” Laymen know it as multiple-medication. When it comes to what is being done [..]

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Special Computer Games May Improve Children’s Attention Span – Study

By Steven Di Joseph – The last decade has seen a dramatic upsurge in the number of children diagnosed with various attention deficit disorders. Along with these diagnoses [..]

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An Increased Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Associated with Sleeping on a Sofa with Parent – Says UK Study

By Steven Di Joseph – The dynamic of infants sleeping with adults has been viewed as problematic for a number of reasons through the years. First, the problem [..]

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Teenagers with Unhealthy Lifestyles Risk Developing Cancer Later in Life

By Steven Di Joseph – While teenagers believe they are far removed or even immune to the maladies which affect older people around them, they may be more [..]

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TVs Not Properly Secured May Put Children in Harm’s Way

By Steven Di Joseph – A review of records indicates that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced eight recalls for various types of TV tables or [..]

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The Dangers of Vitamin, Mineral, and Additive Overload and Product Mislabeling

By Steven Di Joseph – When consumers, especially parents, think of vitamins, additives, and foods that are “fortified,” the common belief is that these are all good things. [..]

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Studies Show Teens Are Misusing Prescription and OTC Drugs

By Justin DiJoseph* While it is no secret that illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy, LSD, PCP (Angel Dust), GHB (date rape drug), and the like [..]

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