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Spring Cleaning: Which Meds Go, How To Dispose of Them, What to Restock & Safety Storage Tips

By Stef Morisi – How often should you clean out your medicine cabinet? Beth Israel Medical Center’s Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Dr. Elizabeth Palillo, says, “Once a year.” If [..]

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Research Focuses on the Dangers of “Third-Hand Smoke”

Contact with tobacco smoke residue can have harmful effects similar to that of first- and second-hand smoke By Marty Grossman – The health risks associated with smoking and [..]

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Does a Pharmacist’s Right to Conscientiously Object Put Patients at Risk?

Refusing to fill a prescription due to personal conflicts can become a slippery slope By Justin Di Joseph – Doctors are often called upon to treat violent criminals [..]

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TOPAMAX, Already in Hot Water over Off-Label Promotion, Now Linked to Birth Defects

By John Saponaro – Off-label promotion has become an ongoing issue over the past several years as pharmaceutical companies continue to violate government policies by advertising drugs for [..]

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Studies Show that there is Good Reason to be concerned About the Widespread Use of Phthalates

By Robert A. Cardali – There is currently a growing debate regarding the safety of a group of chemicals used in many personal care products and other consumer [..]

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When Incorrect Doses Of Over-The-Counter Cold Remedies Are Given, Infants Die

Other common drug-related errors also expose infants to potentially deadly results By Arnold DiJoseph – In the past several years, there has been an ever-increasing awareness of the [..]

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Individuals Trying to Quit Find Anti-Smoking Commercials Helpful – According to a Study

By Steven Di Joseph – Although it is often difficult to measure the actual effect of TV ads on consumers, a survey suggests that anti-smoking commercials played a [..]

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TVs Not Properly Secured May Put Children in Harm’s Way

By Steven Di Joseph – A review of records indicates that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced eight recalls for various types of TV tables or [..]

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Why Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs is a Bad Idea

By Steven Di Joseph – For the past several years, there has been an ongoing debate surrounding the controversial methods being used by pharmaceutical manufacturers to market prescription [..]

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Study Says, Pharmaceutical Companies Now Violate the Federal “False Claims Act” More Than Any Other Industry

By John Saponaro – According to a study conducted by the consumer watchdog organization, Public Citizen, the pharmaceutical industry is now the leading defrauder of the federal government [..]

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