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Zithromax: Another prescription drug that fails to justify its existence

By Steven Di Joseph – At one time, writing about a dangerous prescription drug was an infrequent occurrence. Today, however, it has become difficult to keep up with [..]

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Research Focuses on the Dangers of “Third-Hand Smoke”

Contact with tobacco smoke residue can have harmful effects similar to that of first- and second-hand smoke By Marty Grossman – The health risks associated with smoking and [..]

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Does a Pharmacist’s Right to Conscientiously Object Put Patients at Risk?

Refusing to fill a prescription due to personal conflicts can become a slippery slope By Justin Di Joseph – Doctors are often called upon to treat violent criminals [..]

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Exposure to PCBs May Increase Risk of Lymphoma, According to Study

By Steven Di Joseph – A study by researchers from the National Institutes of Health (Rockville, Maryland) and published in an issue of the journal Epidemiology indicates that [..]

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Smoking May Lead to an Increased Risk of Developing Tuberculosis – Study

By Steven Di Joseph – A research team headed by Dr. Saskia de Boon of the Desmond Tutu TB Center at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) studied 2,400 people [..]

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According to a Study, Obesity in Middle Age May Increase the Chance of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease as a Senior

By Steven Di Joseph – The results of a study indicate that people who are obese and between ages 40 and 45 are almost 300% more likely to [..]

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According to Study – A Possible Link Exists between Air Pollution and Strokes

By Steven Di Joseph – A study has added yet another potentially harmful result to the already long list of serious health-related problems associated with air pollution; an [..]

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Teenagers with Unhealthy Lifestyles Risk Developing Cancer Later in Life

By Steven Di Joseph – While teenagers believe they are far removed or even immune to the maladies which affect older people around them, they may be more [..]

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FDA Issues Warning of High-Grade Prostate Cancer Risk with Avodart and Proscar

By Steven Di Joseph* As reported in and other medical news outlets as well as by consumer watchdog organizations like Public Citizen (, the Food and Drug [..]

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Research Suggests Antioxidant-Rich Diet May Decrease Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

By Steven Di Joseph – A study conducted by researchers at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands and published in the Journal of the American Medical association [..]

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