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FDA Caught Red-handed Spying on Its Employees

By Devon Reiff – ​ An investigation by the Food and Drug Administration of a number of its employees, characterized as an effort to quell their communication with [..]

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Study Finds College Students Remarkably Incompetent

By Stef Morisi – Balancing a checkbook, comprehending newspaper articles, and calculating the cost of gas are just a few tasks that many college seniors cannot handle, according [..]

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Studies Show that there is Good Reason to be concerned About the Widespread Use of Phthalates

By Robert A. Cardali – There is currently a growing debate regarding the safety of a group of chemicals used in many personal care products and other consumer [..]

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According to a Study, Obesity in Middle Age May Increase the Chance of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease as a Senior

By Steven Di Joseph – The results of a study indicate that people who are obese and between ages 40 and 45 are almost 300% more likely to [..]

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Individuals Trying to Quit Find Anti-Smoking Commercials Helpful – According to a Study

By Steven Di Joseph – Although it is often difficult to measure the actual effect of TV ads on consumers, a survey suggests that anti-smoking commercials played a [..]

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Highly Qualified, Older Job Applicants Hindered By Widespread Age Discrimination

By Steven Di Joseph – You would imagine that the most experienced, highly trained, and reliable segment of the workforce would be at the top of every employer’s [..]

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Study Shows a Driver’s Inattention Is Even More of a Risk than Previously Thought

By Steven Di Joseph – The data recorded by video cameras and other sensors, placed in 100 motor vehicles for more than a year, spoke for itself. Even [..]

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The Dangers of Vitamin, Mineral, and Additive Overload and Product Mislabeling

By Steven Di Joseph – When consumers, especially parents, think of vitamins, additives, and foods that are “fortified,” the common belief is that these are all good things. [..]

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FDA Issues Warning of High-Grade Prostate Cancer Risk with Avodart and Proscar

By Steven Di Joseph* As reported in and other medical news outlets as well as by consumer watchdog organizations like Public Citizen (, the Food and Drug [..]

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