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Study Says, Nursing Home Residents Are Being Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs Regardless of Potentially Hazardous Side Effects

By Devon Reiff – According to a recent report by The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG), many nursing home residents [..]

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Is Abilify Worth The Risk?

The pros and cons of aripiprazole By Arnold Di Joseph – The popular prescription antipsychotic drug aripiprazole, commonly known as Abilify, is an “atypical antipsychotic” that can lead [..]

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Study Says Undergoing Breast Augmentation Can Increase Risk of Suicide in Women

By Steven Di Joseph – While no definitive reason for the connection has been established, it has become apparent from a number of studies that women who undergo [..]

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Children Who Witness Domestic Violence May Suffer Psychological Problems

By Steven Di Joseph – According to a study conducted at the Adolescent Services Research Center in San Diego, children who witness their mothers being physically abused may [..]

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Multiple Studies Indicate Children Raised by Same-Sex Couples Do Just as Well as Other Children

By Steven Di Joseph – The results of multiple studies conducted at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston indicate that raising children in a same-sex household does not [..]

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Study Says Violent Video Games May Stimulate Brain Activity Similar to those Characteristics of Aggression

By Steven Di Joseph – The video game business is a $10 billion dollar industry in the U.S. Children, teens, and young adults, from the suburbs to the [..]

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‘Night Eating Syndrome’ Common in People with Psychiatric Conditions

By Steven Di Joseph – A study in The American Journal of Psychiatry reports that “night eating syndrome” is frequent in psychiatric outpatients and is also related to [..]

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