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FDA Caught Red-handed Spying on Its Employees

By Devon Reiff – ​ An investigation by the Food and Drug Administration of a number of its employees, characterized as an effort to quell their communication with [..]

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Study Finds College Students Remarkably Incompetent

By Stef Morisi – Balancing a checkbook, comprehending newspaper articles, and calculating the cost of gas are just a few tasks that many college seniors cannot handle, according [..]

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Studies Show that there is Good Reason to be concerned About the Widespread Use of Phthalates

By Robert A. Cardali – There is currently a growing debate regarding the safety of a group of chemicals used in many personal care products and other consumer [..]

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According to a Study, Obesity in Middle Age May Increase the Chance of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease as a Senior

By Steven Di Joseph – The results of a study indicate that people who are obese and between ages 40 and 45 are almost 300% more likely to [..]

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Individuals Trying to Quit Find Anti-Smoking Commercials Helpful – According to a Study

By Steven Di Joseph – Although it is often difficult to measure the actual effect of TV ads on consumers, a survey suggests that anti-smoking commercials played a [..]

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Highly Qualified, Older Job Applicants Hindered By Widespread Age Discrimination

By Steven Di Joseph – You would imagine that the most experienced, highly trained, and reliable segment of the workforce would be at the top of every employer’s [..]

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Study Says Undergoing Breast Augmentation Can Increase Risk of Suicide in Women

By Steven Di Joseph – While no definitive reason for the connection has been established, it has become apparent from a number of studies that women who undergo [..]

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Study Shows a Driver’s Inattention Is Even More of a Risk than Previously Thought

By Steven Di Joseph – The data recorded by video cameras and other sensors, placed in 100 motor vehicles for more than a year, spoke for itself. Even [..]

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The Dangers of Vitamin, Mineral, and Additive Overload and Product Mislabeling

By Steven Di Joseph – When consumers, especially parents, think of vitamins, additives, and foods that are “fortified,” the common belief is that these are all good things. [..]

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Studies Show Oral Contraceptives Containing Drospirenone Increase the Risk of Blood Clots

By Devon Reiff The consumer watchdog organization Public Citizen, in its Worst Pills Best Pills Newsletter for May, 2011, highlighted the February review in the French medical journal [..]

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